Usually gggg , when it comes to choosing web hosting, you have a variety of options from different hosting providers. However, one of the most popular web hosting services is represented by Bluehost. They host more than 2 million websites worldwide, offering exquisite customer service, along with a 30-day money back policy, that allows you to cancel the services if you are not satisfied. But, if you are still wondering why choose Bluehost, read on to find out our top reasons why Bluehost is the best hosting provider.

#1 Price

A major benefit of using Bluehost hosting services is the fact that it is cost effective. Bluehost offers a start up pack of hosting services with around $3 a month, with money-back guarantee, 24/7 support, free domain name registration and SSL certificate included.

However, there are a bundle of personalized options with advanced features that can get you unlimited domains, vast disk space and bandwidth, multitude of email accounts and so on.

#2 User-friendly

Well, the truth is that if you do not have experience with hosting and managing websites, you will want to opt for auser-friendly hosting provider. Bluehost comes with the most popular cPanel on the market, a user-friendly design that everyone can understand.

Also, the Bluehost cPanel features SimpleScripts, a script installer that allows you to quickly install and manage diverse applications such as WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.

#3 Great loading speed

The first thing to consider when choosing a web host is whether or not the loading speed is accurate and fast. Thus, you will want to benefit from fast loading speed to prevent users to abandon your site before actually seeing it.

Bluehost hosting services are popular worldwide because they come with fast loading times, along with the Cloudflare CDN service meant to permit customers to boost up their sites and performance. What is even more interesting, is the fact that if there is the case and your sever goes down, the CDN service will keep your website running due to the fact that it stacks a cached copy of it.

#4 It guarantees a 99.9% Uptime

Uptime refers to how good a Web hosting provider is at keeping their systems up and running. Hence, Bluehost hosting offers a 99.9% Uptime, which represents an impressive statistic that you won`t find with many hosting providers.

The main reason why Bluehost is able to offer this to its clients is that it has all their servers in its own dedicated data centres, which is a major difference when compared with different hosting providers that rent such data centres. In other words, Bluehost is able to provide great security and stability through their owned data centres, being a great reason why you should start using their services.

#5 24/7 Tech Support

The problem with different hosting services is that you cannot benefit from constant technical support, which can turn out to be a nuisance if you do not master the technical abilities required to understand different hosting problems. Bluehost has impressive 24/7 technical support through phone, live chat or email, where you can submit your problem and get in touch with a professional support team.

So, when it comes to why choose Bluehost hosting, we can offer various answers based on the advantages drawn from using their services. For a long lasting profitable online business, opting for the best hosting service is crucial in order to keep things smooth and functional. Bluehost is that type of hosting provider that values its customers and focuses on offering qualitative services. It is affordable, comes with a user-friendly interface, while the customer service team is always ready to overcome any problem you might stumble upon. Hence, what else would you expect from a web hosting service? Bluehost hosting services are all you need to start your business and benefit from the best in this field!

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