SSL not secure is common issue when you will need to install the SSL certificate.

As we all know that SSL is essential to all kind of websites. For security purpose it is required for all websites.  It is little bit complex to install it. Everyone face this issue when they try to install it.

In this article i will teach about error SSL not secure.

When  you purchase the SSL certificate from any company like Godaddy, Bluehost etc. It will show on you account

ssl certificate

Step 1: Go to your cpanel. Click on SSL/TLS

ssl tls


Step 2: Click on Certificate Signing Requests (CSR) to generate certificate.


Step 3: Fill all field(Domain, city, State, Country etc) in the form



Step 4: You will got key. You have to copy that key and paste inside the Rekey & Manage. Rekey & Manage will be inside the manage button of SSL in your product.

rekey manage

Step 5: Paste key code here

rekey certificate

Submit all saved changed.

Wait for few hours and check on incognito window. It will works and will not show any error. Show whole website is secure.


If you are facing something else you can visit here and put your domain there and check SSL. It will show what is error. If there will be no error on your website. Then it will be show you all ok like this.


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